Gay slang for a grey haired, older, hairy chubby guy. Or a guy that looks like Santa Claus without the suit.
I have abandonment issues with my dad, so I tend to be into polar bears.
by Tomahhtoe May 4, 2009
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a BEAR... its an animal.. im surprised after all those definitions noone mentiioned that
omg he got eaten by a polar bear in canada
by alex14 July 6, 2006
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an older gay man who has gray hair, a bear, and is of a hefty size.

usually prefers the company of other "bears" (big gay men) or being the older, more experienced partner for a younger, smoother man.
GRRR! That man is one hot polar bear.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
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When are girl is getting a man some salmon, the guy finishes on her back. She is now white like a polar bear and is holding fish, also like a bear.
Hey honey can you get me some salmon? Polar Bear Bitch!
by Matt O.. January 24, 2008
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a person who is over weight and hairy, but fun and loveable by definition.
Bill was a polar bear, but his friends still adored him.
by E.C.R. Kelly May 8, 2008
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Someone who insists on keeping the air conditioner turned on, even in the middle of October. They love keeping their dwelling place noticeably colder than the air outside, even on an already cool day. Known to cause great frustration to room mates who are much more comfortable with normal temperatures.
Bob: Jeez, why do we have to wear sweaters in here!? It's 76 degrees outside!
Fred: Sorry, Jordan is a bit of a polar bear.
by Timstuff October 10, 2009
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