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A very wise philospher of the 19th century. Founder of the transcendentalist movement. Buddies with Thoreau and Whitman. Wrote an essay called "Self Reliance", which stated that every man should decied for himslef what is right, and follow that, instead of following what the group says. "Whosoever is a man must be a non-conformist". Often misunderstood by ignorant stooges who dont actually read the essay... the same people who say "Thoreau went and lived where for two years... what a pussy"
meathead 1 -"those trangendenerots or whatever are fucking stupid"
meathead 2- " right... dude lets go pick up the new fiddy cent album"
meathead 1- "sweet"
by Demosthenes March 10, 2005
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A Transcendentalist during the middle 1800s, who wrote essays like Nature and Self-Reliance, both garbage works of literature where he rambles on about nature and whatever other bullshit he can think of. Long winded sentences that have no meaning, yet we actually read this idiot. Emerson has actually been proven to be a flaming homosexual with his protege, Henry David Thoreau, who lived in a fucking log cabin all his life, masterbating a lot.
All the teachers say that you shouldn't write like that idiot Emerson.
by Winky March 04, 2005
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