A person that doesn't know what there going to do when they go to college. They also study living things and are horrible at drinking alcohol.
Look at that guy over there he must be a biologist he can't hold down a shot if his life depended on it.
by Frrank May 30, 2011
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A type of biologist vastly superior to land or sky biologists.
MB: your biology sucks, and you smell like fish
SB: screw you dude
MB: Marine biologist, I calls em as I sees them
by Words-worthy April 9, 2012
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Mf who drives his car into the ocean to get to his iob
“I love being a marine biologist” he said before slamming his car into a fish
by Azovbatallionisbasedaf December 12, 2022
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A profession that is named, if you are a complete ass clown, when asked what a person wants to be when he/she grows up
I want to be a Marine Biologist because I am the smartest person ever, and I also like having sex with fish.
by Nick February 7, 2005
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Somebody who studies or observes modern day feminists.
I heard Brian recently became a Whale Biologist, we should talk to him.
by WaxMyBalls March 7, 2017
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The normal looking guy who is going after the drunk fat chick.
Hey Chad, look at the whale over there?
Looks like a marine biologist is already studying her.
by thewoodster June 29, 2014
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a totally sad job that involves looking at ugly fish and saying"It is a female siamese ridgeback red angelfish, extremely rare." it is almost as bad as being a newspaper boy in a wheel chair, or maybe worse.
"Hey, whats your job?"
"I'm a marine biologist"
"What's that over there"
He then legs it
by Chloe we'ate er June 22, 2009
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