Unadulterated pain. If you are a biology or chemistry student there is a very high probability that this will be the hardest class you take. It is seriously impossible to get an A unless you have a photographic memory. No, I'm not being snide, I'm being completely serious - learning all the reactions, regulations, pathways, mechanisms, structures, etc. is impossible without it.

Typically offered as an option based around the lie that it will "make your transcript look stronger," the fact of the matter is that it will drop your GPA like an anchor. Biochemistry has the evil ability to not only make sure you get a low grade in it but that all your other classes grades are brought down with it. It will also destroy your sleep pattern and social life while drastically increasing your alcohol intake.

Seriously, avoid this like the plague.
Little Billy enrolled in biochemistry and now he's graduating with a horrible GPA
by Matt..... December 13, 2010
study of loads of useless reactions, usually taught by an old professor.
don't even try to say the name of the molecules.
its impossible.
biochemists name them just so they can take the mick out of poor students.
dont try to read the book. i mean, seriously, nobody reads it. not even the guy that wrote it. its another thing biochemists do just to piss their pants laughing at us.
if you're sleepy, this is the lesson you should go to. (believe me, i've slept during several of my biochemistry lessons, it's GREAT)
just make sure you say "protein conformation" or "acetyl coA is of major importance" if you're caught unprepared.
Professor: "Pyruvate carboxylase is the first regulatory enzyme in the gluconeogenic pathway, requiring acetyl-CoA as a positive effector... excuse miss, are you SLEEPING?!?"

You: "huh..? ermm acetyl-CoA is of major importance..?"

Professor: "Indeed!!! "

You: "lovely.... *stupid biochemistry* ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
by hellomynameisinês May 26, 2008
The study of the chemistry of life. It involves the chemistry of living things from the very largest organisms to the microscopically small lipids and amino acids.
Biology + Chemistry = Biochemistry. This isn't hard, people.
by Scooty July 30, 2006
The study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms.
At its most comprehensive definition, biochemistry can be seen as a study of the components and composition of living things and how they come together to become life.
by -autumn, the cute girl ^^- December 9, 2022
1. An AP (Advanced Placement) class in high school

2. A government-endorsed torture method that makes you want to drop out of high school
1. I picked AP Biochemistry for high school, hope it goes well

2. my brain has been turned into sauerkraut and i want to die
by Average High School Student December 9, 2021