A brand name of pacifier. It's a registered trade mark of Playtex, but much to the annoyance of their lawyers, it's often used as a generic term for any pacifier.
If the baby cries, give him his binky.
by John Slowata October 11, 2005
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The owner of the Thanos' NightClub discord server which has been discontinued. Sworn enemy of the SCP Secret Lab server, Peanuts lab. He is also a full-time troller, irl and on the internet.
Thraax: "I hate that stupid Binky guy."
by Binkus May 14, 2021
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A dance performed by rabbits when they are happy and having fun. They jump into the air, throw up their back heels to the side and flip their ears.
by rabbit-lady December 31, 2008
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A childish comfort. Another term for their "blankey". Something they feel very dear to them. Nothing will tear them apart. In my case a 3-foot long strip of yellow satin. One of two that I ripped off a blankey when I was five.
Johnny, its time to get rid of that aweful thing. You're too old for it now anyway.
by Mel Function September 2, 2003
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a person who is awesome in a strange way.
the characteristics for a binky is curly brown hair, brown eyes, and agressive behavior.
Dude, Binky looked at me with his brown eyes and then slapped me on the head!
i hit him back in the balls.
by Willi the Great May 27, 2009
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The Clitoris - a sensitive part of a woman's vagina - often exploited through cunnilingus.
Nicole has the best Binky I know, I could lick it for dayz
by Mahogany Ride July 28, 2007
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