Without a doubt one of the most, if not THE most beautiful girls you will ever meet. She is beautiful inside and out. Nice to anyone that's nice to her. She always stands out in a crowd. She is super ditzy but not to much, just enough that it's entertaining. She's always smiling her gorgeous perfect smile. It's easy to tell when she is upset because that's the only time she isn't smiling. Her beauty comes at a price. Jealousy from other girls is a daily battle. But she handles it with class. If you meet her you will want to be one of her close friends. She's just fun to be around no matter the atmosphere.
Ariel: Who is that girl, she is so pretty it makes me hate her?!?
Beth: yeah, that's Kia !
by Wisenough September 5, 2014
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The nickname Kia belongs to a smart, sexy af, lowkey funny, and nice girl with not many curves but that's okay cause men love her cause of her other qualities. A Kia can make your day, but if you ruin hers, her attitude can hurt your feelings. She doesn't open up very easily so she has boundaries. Her smile is what most guys love about her. If you happen to stumble across a Kia never let her go.
Kayla: Meet my friend Kia
Guy: Nice to meet you!
Kia: *smiles*
Guy: Woah
by Thatgirl84 June 19, 2016
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A very pretty amazing girl also freaky and cool to fall in love with very fun and spontaneous
by Omgitstrue March 14, 2017
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A unique girl who feels insecure a lot but deep down she knows that she's beautiful. She attaches to any guy that can make her laugh. She couldn't live without her music. Can't stand to loose a friend, and she's the jealous type. If you ever come across a Kia, don't ever let her go because she's going to make you happy! But be careful because she'll stand her ground and wont give up when you offend her!
Zakk: "I feel much better!"
Julie: "Why?"
Zakk: "I met Kia!!"
by TheBrunetteSkaterr November 5, 2011
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means a really sweet, smart, and sexy girl. as earlier definitions said before kia meant Know-It-ALL, its true. a girl who really does know it all!
My new girl friend is so sexy and hot...she is such a kia.
by hottie12gil May 13, 2009
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Shitty korean car that falls apart on the assembly line and disintegrates when it drizzles.

north korea's slow attack in the US.

stalls out while going up hill.
kia stands for



by A WHITE GUY October 9, 2013
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This girl is crazy. She loves chatting and having a laugh with close friends and has a one in a million laugh. she loves sport and is a fighter at heart. She is attracted to those who make her laugh and can't live without her ipod.

She likes black guys too.
"Kia is a special one"
by chickenheadman November 26, 2013
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