Legendary troller syndicate/SCPSL Server called Thanos's Nightclub.
by NNCDM May 18, 2021
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stands for Tumblr Newsies Community. an impromptu group of totally awesome fangirls who blog about Disney's live musical movie, Newsies. most often, posts consist of slash, jokes, rebloggings, pictures, and hilarious gifs all about Newsies. anyone can join, and you can join even if you don't blog about Newsies al the time.
person #1: i've had a really bad day, i need a hug :/

person #2: *reblogs and adds gif of les and jack hugging*
person #1: i fucking love the TNC.
by spotconlon April 06, 2011
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TNC (noun) stands for toke and choke, applied to someone who consistently fails to inhale any amount of cannabis smoke without coughing up a lung or two.
Person1: "hey man pass the joint"
Person2: "here you go man"
Person1 *attempts to smoke weed, and coughs for 10 minutes*
Person2: "you motherfucker TNC you just wasted my weed!"
by T_oaker October 24, 2009
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means "Total Non Christian" So basically, it aint just an unbeliever, its a TOTAL unbeliever, could be used as mark of beast in years to come. The bible clearly states thats the mark of the beast will be "666" but i believe, when they look, it will be the letters TNC! (666 meaning TNC)
TNC's are usually found at Minus 12 on the Engal scale. So if you see someone with the numbers "666" on them, they are a TNC, and a child of satan, and should be avoided

Term coined by Peter Le Man-Chest-Hair (Manchester, for all you dumb people, and tncs)
Arnie: "I'm a TNC"
Pete Manc: "YEAH YOU ARE!"


(Man Walks past Pete, with 666/TNC on his hand)

Pete Manc: "You, make the Lord, VERY NERVOUS!

(NB: God doesnt get scared of the devil...its the opposite...God bless y'all)
by Baldy TC October 28, 2005
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