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When a super hot chick bites the longest part of your beard/goatee and gives it a little tug and shake.
Roy: "She billy-goated me"
Brian: "She just clapped on and shocked you like a rag-doll?"
Roy: "Yeah dude, weirdest and sexiest thing ever. You need to grow yours out."
by KikiNJ September 08, 2014
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When someone is about to akwardly walk into something and jumps out of the way to stop from hitting it.
John: Mike your going to walk into that table.
(mike jumps over it)
John: You just billygoated that table.
by cpeccamp July 23, 2011
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Having such rough intercourse that someone ends up in the Emergency Room.
“I billy-goated that girl so hard, she had to go to the hospital!”
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by ambulancegurl13 July 09, 2018
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