Bijan, a common iranian name. Known to have a very nice mustache and always has a girl by his side.
hey bijan, new girl again? must be the stache
by Betbujjjjjjj February 23, 2013
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"woah, Bijan are you Arabic or something?" "no dumbass Im persian."
by Bijan June 15, 2004
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A name used to describe and very sweet, loving, smexy prince. Very rare to find, and very great in bed. A must to hold on to when found. Only the bestest best guy of any girls' dreams!
OMG, you're dating a Bijan? You're so lucky!
by kaitykinz227 July 25, 2008
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An incomparable muscular being that has a strength of a thousand men. Though he's all mighty and strong, his love is beyond comparison, that kindles any woman's heart, even aphrodite herself. Bijan is the last of his kind and survives only in the mere existence on peoples mind and hearts.
Oh bijan Oh bijan, where art thou oh bijan?

A bijan is undefeatable

Veni Vidi Vici - bijan
by my name is half my last name January 30, 2010
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A rare species of Persian cat. So rare, in fact, that there is only one. The BIJAN looks extremely different from the others. He has far less fur then his brethren and has learned to walk on two legs and speak. The BIJAN is the feistiest of all felines, often emitting purrring noises and occasionally making its ferocious RAWRs and ROARs in order to scare its predators, such as the Vicky ;), away. Their diets consist of mainly nutella. The BIJAN is quite sexyful, but don't be fooled! If seen, call 911 immediately! :OO
Chick one: Hey, isn't that Bijan over there, eating some nutella?
Chick two: Damn. He's hot!
Bijan: RAWR!!
by RoArRrR July 23, 2009
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One of exceptional brutality. Is commonly seen in the Atlantean suburbs wandering about with his 'crew'. Extreme caution should be exercised whilst sighting a Bijan. It may take a common glance as a glare and challenge you and surrounding parties to a POKEMON BATTLE!!

That Bijan nearly smited me with his vicious metal claw!
by WATYOBIZNESS July 11, 2008
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