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A rare species of Persian cat. So rare, in fact, that there is only one. The BIJAN looks extremely different from the others. He has far less fur then his brethren and has learned to walk on two legs and speak. The BIJAN is the feistiest of all felines, often emitting purrring noises and occasionally making its ferocious RAWRs and ROARs in order to scare its predators, such as the Vicky ;), away. Their diets consist of mainly nutella. The BIJAN is quite sexyful, but don't be fooled! If seen, call 911 immediately! :OO
Chick one: Hey, isn't that Bijan over there, eating some nutella?
Chick two: Damn. He's hot!
Bijan: RAWR!!
by RoArRrR July 22, 2009
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