"Wow he sure can bijan with that deck o cards I tell ya what."
by klcdm February 11, 2007
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Bijan is funny, outgoing, crazy, annoying, and dependable all at the same time! She loves performing on stage and loves music. She isn't popular and doesn't care. She may seem shy at first, but trust me shes not! She loves food, and loves being around people she knows and loves. Often get judged for being weird but Bijan doesn't care. Everything you look for in a friend pretty much!
stranger: Hey, isn't Bijan (female) really shy?

Bijans Best friend: Aw hell naw, shes crazy
by Geri97 December 22, 2013
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A Persian kid who is fast. And is always sweaty. Bijan is often referred to as Tarzan. He does not like it. I’m sorry for bijan
That is Bijan Azizi
by Bdjdjnfnd June 20, 2019
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