What a moron will say instead of smote.
uhh, you done smited him good, what a n00b
by Angular56 January 29, 2004
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Being so smacked out and high that you cannot function in any normal way. It's as if god has smited you, but this is never a bad feeling. The person who is messed up must be having a good time in order to be smited, and feel as if god has brought he/she up to heaven on the backs of junky dirt horses and a bit of weed.
-i know the past tense of smite is smote, this is not meant to be the past tense of smite, rather a state of being.
after banging...
"i am so smited!"
by smartieluva June 20, 2007
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A smitee is one who is struck or smitten.
To smite the wicked is great fun, so let's get a smitee.
by I, Wreckerrr October 18, 2016
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the use of god-like force in a way that cleaves,crushes or shatters said object or person.
im going to smite you, i'll smite you in your sleep.
by twisted mitch November 3, 2005
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To hit something so GODDAMN HARD, it turns into a fuckin’ smear.

From Old English word, “smitan” meaning, “to smear, blemish.”
Example 1:
Paladin: Forsooth! I vow to smite the evil blackguard!

Paladin: Fer real! Word~ Imma smack dat mothafucka so hard he’d be nuthin’ but stains!

Example 2:
Thor: Lo! I shalt smite thee with Mjolnir!

Thor: Yo! Imma paste ya with da Crusher!
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A term used when murder is just not enough.
Get away from me or I will smite you.
by TrixRabbit March 13, 2006
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Old english term.
To hit someone, usually to kill them.
The knight will smite down any who oppose him.
by Fuzzy Animator March 21, 2003
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