Basically a combination of the words big and jiggly pluralized to describe a set of big and jiggly titties. Similar to Tig Ol' Bitties, but not to be confused with Fakies.
God damn Earl, look at the Bigglies on that chick. If they're fake they got me fooled.
by EliteDanTheMan January 07, 2011
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to be big and large. a word to describe something as big in a fun way. to make fun of something large and disgusting.
that girl's butt was so biggly, she couldn't fit into her jeans.
by chelc16 January 22, 2008
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Skinny white girl wearing spandex-like pants who has an enormous butt that jiggles ridiculously. Note: having a jiggly biggly is not a good thing.
Look at that girl's jiggly biggly.

Watch out for that jiggly biggly, it might knock you over.

Here comes a jiggly biggly.
by kathleenann November 02, 2010
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boobs that tend jiggle when you move, usually occurs with DD's and higher.
zamnnnnnn, she got some nice jiggly bigglys i wouldnt mind playing with those.
by mCbillions February 14, 2009
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