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another name for Glen Davis, a player for the Boston Celtics. Most people refer to him as Big Baby.
Guy 1:Dude who was that guy who posted up on Bosh?

Guy 2: Big Baby. whatta beast.
by incredibleceltics November 23, 2010
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When your sub is being either a sad lil attention whore, wanting their way and being stubborn. Acting like a child (but you are not a child hence the term ‘big’ baby)
“Stop acting like such a big baby.”
by Memelord207 June 09, 2018
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Gets after his bag , and doesn’t pay hoes attention. Also looks for the best opportunities in the people around him and is a positive loving guy. If big baby has a gf she’s definitely lucky because Big baby is as good as it gets .
He’s such a big baby😍

I wanna big baby type of guy!

I wish he went back to his big baby ways I need a big baby😫

I’m on my big baby shit🤫
by NYC Approved LLC September 02, 2019
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