Expression that defines surprise within a question, in a unbelieveful way.
Usually used without any other words.
"Hey, i want kiss your girl"
"Whatta !?"

"She asked to drive your car!"
by Ceyfador July 13, 2006
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Whatta could mean What do...
Person 1: Whatta you want?
Person 2: Your girl :-)
by KingDaTess January 10, 2020
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It could mean What do
For instance, Whatta you want?!
I was only foolin', George.
by KingDaTess January 9, 2020
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An insult to a moronic person, used usually by Mafia bosses and the higher ups.
"That new guy.... Whatta Mook.."
by Crackazoid December 15, 2006
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stupid or idiotic actions by an individual
"whatta pg, man"
by chakku December 9, 2020
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When one is exasperated, confused, angry, or just plain old hyper, they will type random letters really fast, usually in the J, K, H, L, and M section, or the E, D, F, G, S, and A section. ONLY to be used in chat.
Guy 1: I am so mad at you!
Guy 2: Why??
Guy 2: gjfhngjkgnkj!!! I'm SORRY!
*whatta type*
Girl 1: Does he love you?
Girl 2: Yes!!
Girl 1: fghdvadxfgcsdgsdf I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!
by GOOGGGOGGOGOG May 16, 2007
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Used when you didn't hear what was said the first go round.
Man 1:"Man, did you see how flaky she was?"

Man 2:"Que whatta?"

Man 1:"How flaky she was"

Man 2:"Oh, yeah"
by animan January 10, 2005
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