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A soda from Waco, Texas with a taste somewhat like bublegum but is flavored with a combination of lemon and orange oils, with vanilla. It can be mixed with Tequila to make Texas Sunrise.
Hand me a Big Red to wash down these ribs.
by TKE1492 February 08, 2005
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A faggot ass ginger bitch who sucks the soul out of everyone who's near. He's a little queer bitch who can't get a girlfriend to save his life cause he's a fucking loner. Someone who physically can't please a girl because of his microscopic cock. Doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself cause he's soulless.
#niggerbitch #nosoul #ginger #Bigred
by Fratboy86 March 03, 2017
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a girl who has a fire muff and is a sex goddess
"I was so horny last night I wish my date would have been a Big Red"
by Chelsea Wilcox May 03, 2005
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(n) A brand name of chewing gum, which is advertised as having very long lasting flavor.
by Fangsta December 15, 2003
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A vanilla flavored soda found mainly in the southern US.
That Big Red soda tastes mighty good!
by plorqk January 14, 2005
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A fictitious toy made by Bleego, makers of Termite Town. A figure of a viking you pour red goop into the horned helmet, pull the string, and enjoy the show. Cleanup kits sold separately. As seen in a Saturday Night Live commercial spoof.
He's big big big. And he's red red red. And that's how he got to earn the name, Big Red!
by Bleego February 12, 2004
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