It means that the person is loud, fun, outspoken, and outgoing. It's not a bad thing at all but sometimes it can be annoying. It also means that the person is very attractive (looks and more) to others. The person could also have a very hot sex appeal. The person with a big personality will find him/herself surrounded by others seeking his/her company.
Guy 1: So what did you think of her?
Guy 2: Hot! She has a big personality! Wow!
by Ben Star June 7, 2013
Another way to say that a girl has a fat ass, it doesn't seem inappropriate in public but all the guys know what you're talking about.
by KangKong February 7, 2018
When talkin bout a chick with HUGE TITS, you'd refer to her as the one with the big "personality". It's more polite, though everyone still gonna know what ur talkin bout...
"Oi, u met Chelsea?"
"Yer i reckon, which one is she?"
"Short, dark hair, big personality"
"How could I forget? They is HUGE"
by Wise Jay July 29, 2006
She really wasn’t that much to look at, but her big personalities made up for it.
by captain longdong August 5, 2022
cocky straightforward

When someone has a large personality that makes them more attractive and seem more boastful.
Keke: did you see Jason? He had such a big dick personality after a couple drinks.
Derek: Damn, he makes me feel like I have an average dick personality
by TinklePower July 29, 2018
when a guys personality would lead you to assume that they have a big dick.
"I was really disappointed at how small it was when he whipped it out because he had such a big dick personality."
by erizzleonmynizzle November 27, 2016
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