An unattractive female who is far from a dime piece. Usually between a 1 and 5 out of 10, "small change" is a fairly general term ranging roughly from penny piece to nothing to write home about.
Tim: "Dude, I heard you got with my sister last night at the Drunken Barn Dance. I'm gonna kill you!"
Jim: "HELL NO!!! I didn't touch that dirty-ass fat-ass rat-faced white trash gutter slut. I don't fuck around with small change like that. Now your mom on the other hand...that's one FIIINE old piece of ass! She was giving me this mean hummer in your house the other day, when your girlfriend Susie comes in. And you know what that trick-ass ho did? I'll tell you she got behind me and gave me the best asshole-licking EVER! Then I 69ed with Susie while your mom took it in the ass from the UPS man. What a grand ol' time! But shit, man, I would never touch your sister. That bitch is a broke down penny piece swamp donkey."
Tim: "Oh shit man, I'm sorry. I thought you were going for my sister. It's all good."
by Nick D May 23, 2006
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This Tom Waits album is from 1976. It's his fourth, and again he has evolved just a bit. With more than half of the album about drunkenness and alcohol, Waits has deviated quite a bit in writing style. He is still quite hysterical in Step Right Up, but now there are mournfully slow songs like Bad Liver and a Broken Heart. The music itself is much more depressed, with lower notes and slower speeds on many songs, but diversely more laughable lyrics on others.
An excerpt from Small Change's-
Pasties And A G-String

Strip tease, prick tease, car keys blues
And the porno floor show, live nude girls,
Dreamy and creamy and brunette curls
Chesty morgan and watermelon rose
Raise my rent and take off all your clothes
With trench coats, magazines, a bottle full of rum,
Shes so good, to make a dead man come
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009
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