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1) A clean word used for the special place between a girl's legs.
2) A girl's diddley.
"I don't use pads because they make my Area dirty."
"Lick my Area."
by Timmy October 27, 2002

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Inside the perimeter. Used in Atlanta to let people know you live inside the 285 beltway or "Ther Perimeter". Opposite of OTP, Outside the Perimeter - of course.

Many ITP'ers like to shun the OTP'ers.
I hate commuting 400 ITP every day! I sure wish I could find a great job OTP.
by Timmy April 11, 2005

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slipknot bakwerds
why do i need an example
by timmy April 25, 2004

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The act of slapping the head of your dick on a girls forehead as she sucks your bean bag.
She had a huge bruise on her forehead after I gave her a wobble job.
by Timmy November 17, 2003

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1) Word used in place of general explicit language in order to soften the emotion of the language.
2) A person acting in a silly manor
3) An endearing way to address a friend
4) An omen of good fashion
5) One's genitalia
1) "What the diddley?"
2) "She's quite the diddley."
3) "Diddley, I love you."
4) "May the diddley be with you."
5) *pokes you in the diddley*
by Timmy October 27, 2002

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women with erect nipples!
shit must be cold today
by timmy February 17, 2003

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a man who likes to attack the tight end on and off the field
Did you hear that football fag got Jim in the brown eye last night?
by timmy August 06, 2004

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