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The act of a woman consuming copious amounts of alcohol to the point of full flirtation with any and all men, leading to questionable situations in which the woman may be sexually threatened or subdued.
"Beth got drunk again last night and totally got bethed by that ugly ass dude"
by Girthologist August 13, 2017
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To leave ones ring imprint on anothers face following the act of being kimmed
Alex slapped his testicles around Beth's face in a decidedly feminine manner. Beth in return left an imprint of her ring on Alex's face and left him Bethed
by Slabber's Bird August 08, 2009
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To be beth-ed you have to have some sort of connection with a bethany. She has to do something that is absolutely horrible to you, and thus you are beth-ed.
1. person 1: omg why did you break up with bethany?
person 2: because she cheated on me
person 1:aww, you've just been beth-ed.
2. person 1: why do you hate bethany?
person 2: because shes a whore; simple as that and because ive been beth-ed by her
person 1: what did she do?
person 2: she took my boyfriend
person 1: shame, but dont worry he'll figure out that bethany's are never good girlfriends.
by xlolxhahaxlol February 24, 2009
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