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A totally epic female, who is very unique! She is both incredibly witty and very lovely. The type of girl people go to if they want cheering up, or if they just want someone to listen to. She's been described as 'pure sunshine' on more than one occassion, and is usually very happy. Bethani has a positive outlook on things, and tends not to stress about anything outwith her control, which is usually a good thing. She is fairly smart and academic. She loves music, reading, computing and writing! Bethani also enjoys spending time with her many friends, who are all very different!
Blake: Did you see Bethani last night at the party? She was rocking out to Queen with me! She's so epic, I want her to be my best friend.

Lucas: I know! Alicia is such a lucky girl to have an amazing best friend! I'm so jealous!

Alicia: Hey guys, when I get back from ballet, do you wanna hang out with Bethani?

Blake & Lucas: Yeah!
by Bethybaby! December 21, 2009
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