A person who acts innocent in public around the opposite sex to give the impression that they don't pull, but in reality they put in a lot of low-key work and are actually an undercover savage.
Man 1: Why do all the girls love you? I don't get it, you don't even mack on them.

Man 2: That's because I'm a whisperer bro. I don't make moves in public and then I privately hit them with the attention and they eat it up. Instant panty-dropper.
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When you deficate, but there is no trace of it when you wipe.
I dropped a huge whisperer.
by ClevaNigga March 17, 2015
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a rogue lineage class that is also known as ultra spy. it were called 3 paths in the past. it use a long-ranged melee weapon called rapier. its a ass strong class, but its squishy and if hit by a person using a high damage combo class ( such like oni, deep knight, some hybrids and even sigil knights ), they are basically dead.its easy to get as you dont need alot of ordely and its quite cheap. normally peope use it on the toxic way.
guy1: i have been griped by an whisperer
guy2:like everyone does
by riganman!@# April 26, 2020
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The thing the group of boys in my class do.

They think they are being so quiet when me and my class (not including the boys) are staring at them because they are whispering so loud. Then when the teacher calls them out they say "It wasn't me!" " It was...{insert classmate name here} who did it!" It's useless, they know we can all hear them.
Boys in my class: *Whispering*
Me and the rest of class: We can hear you.
the boys: No you can't dumbos!!
teacher: the rest of the class is right, we can all hear you.
boys: ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
by ursosuslmao778 June 13, 2019
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When two or more bitches are in the same room and speak to each other over via instant messaging, rather than speaking to each other; Mostly used for communicating gossip about another who is present in the room.
Oh, she was there, so we just whispered about her while she was in the room.

Ignore them, they are just whispering about other people...
by AlexDannyRae November 27, 2007
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An app that is avaible for smart phones that let's you air some secrets or insecurities anonymously. PEOPLE can give you advice to help you and message you to help you as well. IT'S the best app ever.
A real whisper from whisper

No one knows I've been molested by my older cousin twice. NOT even my mother. I'M scared no one will believe me.
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when u is in a group chat and you talk to one member separately
i kinda feel bad for whispering about lauren .
- yeah me too 💀
by mommy dad March 22, 2019
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