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a phrase or expression that pierces through the silence in a lull in conversation, often bearing no relevance to anything prior in the conversation.

The Bennettism is a profound outpouring of a persons sub concious, without the filtering process applied by the brain to the speech before it is verbalised

The orginator of this term was Gordon Bennett in the late 19th century
A: Lovely weather we're having

B: Yes, quite


C : Imagine if we were all made of cheese?

A: ?

B: ?

C: I think i may have made a slight Bennettism there chaps
by casuale November 17, 2011
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When you are completely straight until your Ecuadorian friend takes you to a pancake house to fuck like a sausage
My brother is nows suffering from Bennettism because his friend Wilber fucked him like a sausage in IHOP
by Sumo Faggot March 28, 2017
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