Afro Rican word meaning full/big lips
Oye mamitaaa me encanta tu bembes
by Oyemami May 9, 2015
The rank of intelligence that's lower than a Bember. The one who can't even get a single question right.
You have been demoted to Bemb.
by Hardstuck Internet January 2, 2019
That Joe enjoys nougat way too much, he's such a bemb.
by Tim Ecrafs May 12, 2006
Someone so idiotic that they should be banished to the dunce corner.
Person 1: “What’s 9+10?”
Person 2: “21.”
Person 1: “You fucking bemb.”
by X-phoid July 7, 2022
Afro-Rican, Cuban, Dominican word

Meaning: Fiesta; Party.
Oye ven aqui vamo y los a un bembe.
Ya se formo el bembe.

Yo lets go to that bembe.