Afro-Ricans are Puerto Ricans who are black and of African ancestry with little to no white ancestry (unlike the majority of Puerto Ricans). A lot of African ancestry in Puerto Rico actually comes via the other Caribbean islands, the Lesser Antilles.

It is commonly accepted that the Yoruba people of Nigeria were the main African group in Puerto Rico.

Afro-Rican refers to the African components of Puerto Rican culture, primarily in music (Bomba, Plena, Salsa) and food (plantains, mango).

The Afro-Rican identity and culture is not limited to the very few pure blacks or to the a lot more numerous mixed blacks. Even the whiter Puerto Ricans and the really and undoubtedly white Puerto Ricans partake of the African components of the culture.
Bomba Plantains Puerto Rico Puerto Ricans Afro-Rican
Is what a half black and half puerto rican is called.
Since my mom's puerto rican and my dad is black,i'm an afro-rican.YAY!
by Lynni September 26, 2004
A Puerto-Rican mostly of African descent, a small percent of European

Africans came to Puerto Rico with Spanish conquistadors as slaves

They make up 12% of Puerto Rico's population

(Carmelo Anthony is an example)
"You know Andre? His mom is an afro Puerto Rican."
by Hoodboi 1993 January 8, 2017