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A Draven main and League of Legends streamer, Tyler1 is known for his former toxicity as well as his hella aggro personality as an alpha male. No matter if you're a beta nerd or another alpha male, there's always something to enjoy when he's streaming.

You can find him on twitch.tv/loltyler1
"GET THIS BETA SHIT OFF ME! *screaming*" - Tyler1, ripping a plain white shirt he was wearing.
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by Hardstuck Internet October 21, 2018

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A word that is a string of letters surrounded by a gap. It has no meaning, allowing for the definition of a word to have one of higher accuracy.
"If you accept the definition of a word is some letters surrounded by a gap, then 'Xnopyt'...

— Tom Scott, disintegrating for naming the mighty Xnopyt.
by Hardstuck Internet March 15, 2021

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Used in 2 prominent ways:

1. Used as japanese slang for "Thank you," as 3 and 9 are "san" and "kyu" respectively.

2. Used to reference Hatsune Miku, as the alternate way of saying 3 and 9 are "mi" and "ku" and thus can be used to reference her.
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by Hardstuck Internet August 03, 2019

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A top tier character appearing in Brawl. Due to his all-around flurry attack and his major recovery,
he was a top tier character that basically was generally used by many in Brawl tournaments. His victory theme was burned into most of us.
Come back when you start getting banned in tournaments. - Meta Knight, Brawl Taunts 3
by Hardstuck Internet January 03, 2015

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The words spoken by cancer lord Yasuo before you are knocked up by his Q, Gathering Whirlwind.
Yasuo: TON!
Yasuo: HASAG!
Yasuo: HASAGI!
by Hardstuck Internet October 31, 2018

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The ghetto pronunciation of bon appetit. This specifically revealed the bigger issue on social media where people instead used smaller words to lazily pronounce the word they're looking for, spawning the subreddit r/boneappletea.
Got myself some chicken permission tonight... Bone apple tea!
by Hardstuck Internet October 23, 2018

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A variation of the resolution comparison meme that spawned from the Real-time Raytracing feature added in Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 20 series, which enhanced certain visuals of games like Battlefield V and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. There isn't that much difference other than the format now being automatically locked to a before and after meme.
RTX Off: *shows a stylish black car while someone's getting blown up*
RTX On: *the same thing, but the explosion is now also appearing on the surface of the car*
by Hardstuck Internet October 29, 2018

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