Tip of the penis.
Can also be used as an insult.
Only Britain has been blessed with this amazing word so far, but the Gods are trying to find a way to spread it around the entire world.
Random: I dress up as death and point at old people as they leave the bingo centre.
Me: You bellend.
by MaxisStrife October 27, 2015
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Mildly offensive insult used between mates when one or more of them has done something daft. Seemingly its not possible to over use this phrase.
Roger: I dropped my razor on my toe and cut it open.
Gary: Bellend!

Andy: I misread the map and ended up running the long way round.
Gary: Bellend!

Anyone: Anything
Gary: Bellend!
by Fatkid_13 October 11, 2021
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The tip (head) of a mans penis (dick); meaning dickhead.
Mike don't take another shot, you turn into a bellend when you're drunk.
by AeroGurL May 22, 2020
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Some-one who can be very, very annoying at times.
Oh my god, Johann is such a bellend!!
by Flabbador March 24, 2010
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Insult pertaining to someone with poor craftsmanship.
Originally a maker of bells and bell-ends.

During the English Reformation, when Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church, he decreed the construction of new churches and church towers, and to that end new bells and bell-ends. Because of this, there was an increased need for bell and bell-end makers. These grand and revered artisans of their day would be known as bell-enders.

Unfortunately, many pretenders strode from shire to shire claiming to be true and good makers of bells and bell-ends, which often resulted in shoddy work, and gave any true craftsmen a bad name. The name bell-ender, or bell-end, came to be synonymous with poor craftsmanship or a hoodlum - as it is to this day.
John the Villager: Egads, Henry! Hast thou seen my new hosiery?
Henry the Friend: By Jove, man! Those are fearful and I have now become blind!
John the Villager: Alack, I should not have used that jaunty haberdasher.
Henry the (Blind) Friend: Alas, no! For he is soothly a bellend!
by Tom the Typer February 1, 2023
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