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Tip of the penis.
Can also be used as an insult.
Only Britain has been blessed with this amazing word so far, but the Gods are trying to find a way to spread it around the entire world.
Random: I dress up as death and point at old people as they leave the bingo centre.
Me: You bellend.
by MaxisStrife December 24, 2015
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1. The head of the penis, being vaguely bell shaped. Like a mushroom head.
2. A complete idiot.
When you are drunk, you dance like a bellend.
by esadbaf October 12, 2004
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1.The glans of the penis. So called because of it's similarity in shape to that of a bell. See also helmet.

2.A foolish person. A plank.

I'd just had one off the wrist but I couldn't find the Kleenex so I had to wipe my bell-end on the curtains.
by Thee Red Monkey June 01, 2006
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The end part of a penis designed so that your hand doesnt slide off when your having a wank
by Paul B January 09, 2004
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Mr. Oller you are a right bell end.........and also get a hair cut!
by el tit face July 29, 2003
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