A phrase of pure paranoia. Usually said when you look at someone because you thought that they were looking at you (out of paranoia) and the non-looker says "Stop looking at me" (out of paranoia) who was probably actually looking at you all along making sure that no one looked at them (out of paranoia). A person saying "Stop looking at me" is almost always fibbing, and usually wants you to look at them more. I mean, if they were not looking at you then how could they know that you were looking at them, right?
Girl 999: Stop looking at me!
Boy 1: Bitch, I look where I please.

Guy 1: *better make sure Guy 2 is not looking at me*
-=guy one looks at guy two=-
Guy 2: Stop looking at me.
by The Man That Never Was January 10, 2011
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Really. Stop looking at me
1 Stop looking at me
2 Why
1 JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by pogdoginthefog October 21, 2022
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