Short for Rebekah. Reserved for only the coolest of Rebekahs.
That's quite a Beks you got there...."
by Kedo6 February 5, 2010
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To spill one's food over oneself

(i.e. to feed your boobs/moo)
Oh no, I did a Beks!

- Aw crap, have you done a Beks?
- Yeah my moo's hungry
by MeMooMay February 5, 2010
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When something is not going well or is difficult
Hey that science test was bek i did not even finish it.

Dude! This is bek i can't even get a kill.
by T4FFY February 23, 2010
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Bek is a nickname for Becky which is a nickname for Rebecca which is a nickname for Parker's mom from tiverton, ri
1. Yeah that Bek, she is so cool.
by Parker's mom February 8, 2006
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Circa: mid 1990s, circulated in proletariate regions of Belfast.

Definition: A more formal form of the word 'Back'. 'Back' is often considered slang for bek to the uninformed members of public.

Bek is often used in conjunction with equally renowned word Nek in a very sensual meaning.
Licking of any part of the lower bek, and continuing to run one's tongue to the 'nek' is considered the highest form of sexual acts by many.
1. "I will be's reet bek"

2. "My nek, my bek, lick my pussy and my crack".
by be's a milly. August 22, 2005
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bek sloy is a khmer slang which was made up on social media. Use this word for people who call themselves gang of an area in strange way
A: juii hg mer pouk ng der vai ke tpease jg?
B: terk dey vea.
A: mex ban dg?
B: pouk bek sloy ter, sloy gangs sloy squads
by Toroki October 30, 2020
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If you happen to be Bek Klaire...

You will always be my heart my soul my muse. A beautiful mind . Driven . And admired by many . In particular George Mav . He adores you . Just saying
Hi im Bek Klaire. I am woman
by George Mav December 31, 2021
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