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An amazing person. She's shy but will talk for ages when she wants to. She treasures all her friends and family and is caring when you need her the most. She's smart and sporty, playing with determination and strives to achieve. She's beautiful and pretty, even when she says she's not. She's great at art too! Overall anyone who's friends with Klaire should respect her.
E.g. Person 1: You such a Klaire today!

Person 2: Awhhh thank you! :)
by TheOriginalPancake! May 13, 2012
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In a nutshell, Klaire-Bear is so funny she can make herself laugh, though can be a bit too friendly when drunk but all in all; a nice gal. Those who truly know her, know she means well. ^ This other definition of "KLAIRE" ^ is clearly reserved for a certain someone that is not this type of Klaire.
Funny Crazy Intellectual Sassy Outspoken Etc Klaire
by ToopynBinoo April 17, 2012
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Freaking hot. Good at sports and good in bed. Everyone wants to be like her. Sometimes can be very loud. But she's tells what she thinks and doesn't care what people think. She's definitely a klaire. She's super funny and kinda tall gal. But she's super pretty and most guys say she's beautiful
I feel like I'm with klaire
by Lonerperson July 12, 2017
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The best person you will ever meet. Usually popular and has tons of friends she’s also beautiful, and usually Denies it, all of the boys want her SO bad, she’s really chill hit her up she’s always looking to meet new people, she’s super friendly and sporty, most of the time is really good at everything she does... but don’t ask her for some extra cash cuz she’s usually broke, probably spent all of her money on random shot she doesn’t need (again) she’s also awesome in bed, and is usually a good time while drunk, or she’s crying about her MULTIPLE ex’s that she swears she doesn’t care about anymore. she also gets tired of relationships quickly and is a heartbreaker. Bottles up her feelings and is afraid so be vaulnerable. Loves trying new things and super adventurous, all girls wants to be her, all of the guys want her. She’s super skinny and on the tall side. She loves animals and boys.. I could go on and on.. she’s basically perfect.
Guy 1: omg is that Klaire

Guy2: yea she’s so hot you should ask her out.

Girl 1: omg that’s klaire!

Girl 2: omg should we talk to her. I NEED to be friends with her.
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SHE WILL STEAL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!! no matter what this girl looks like, in the inside shes ugly shit! she steals ur boyfriends and will make every day of ur life living hell! stay away from KLAIRE!
by jakes lover101 July 06, 2011
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