IN BIOLOGY-What an animal does, usually as a reaction to their environment.

IN PSYCHOLOGY-Human behavior, can be common, unusual, acceptable, or unacceptable.
"Your dog's behavior is weird."

"Your behavior is unacceptable."
by Pokeshipper March 22, 2010
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Jamaican slang for someone who doesn't know how to act.
Ex: Yo Kerriann pickney nuh have no behavior. Ah go piss pon mi lawn
Yo! Kerriann pickney nuh have no behavior. Ah him go piss pon mi lawn....Chuh
by D'nice February 9, 2014
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Acting as one who lives in the “panhandle” area of a state. Specifically murdering people close to you without any reasonable expectation of getting away with it.
Did you hear about Junior? He got arrested for shooting his wife in their home. Claimed it was a burglary gone wrong but it seems like classic panhandle behavior.
by sarahsfunny March 29, 2018
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Someone who is always a critic on how other people act and behave, no matter if the criticism is bad or good.
Person 1 - "All you do is breathe."
Person 2 - "Stop being a behavior-critic"
by zman4593 June 19, 2016
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A behavior where a person is distinct for their overtly intellectual personality. They are calculating and cynical, exhibit a strict adherence to routine, have a lack of understanding of irony, sarcasm and humor, and a complete lack of humility.
He has such a Sheldony behavior.
by Sheldony. May 24, 2010
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Someone who is always stalking your social media’s and wanting to know your business. They may even want to be like you and begin to copy your style/moves despite not liking you. They don’t want the best for you and are typically jealous of you and/or your success. They talk about you/think about you/lurk on you/ copy you/ are in your business as if they were your biggest fan.
Girl 1: She doesn’t like me yet here she is always viewing my story and doesn’t even follow me.

Girl 2: She says she doesn’t like you so why does she always copy you
Girl 2: Your name is always in her mouth too, That’s FAN BEHAVIOR
by 77@_@77 September 20, 2020
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1.Is a kind of behavior or life style that places an individual at a greater risk of illness or injury.
2.Is a life style that increase the chances of bad outcomes
Father:Smoking weed is such a risk behavior you've to stop it my son.
Son: OK I'll stop it dad.

Sex chats with strangers is a risk behavior that put many teenager at a danger of rape .
by julianmosha December 5, 2016
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