12 definitions by zman4593

A scene in entertainment that is unrealistic and shouldn't even happen in their own universe, like when a character survives getting shot a bunch of times just to move on the story.
"There are too much Cinema/Literature/Theater/Game sin in this movie/book/play/game.
by zman4593 May 25, 2016

Someone who uses to much emojis. emojioholism - the excessive use of emojis.
Person 1 - *A bunch of emojis*
Person 2 - You're becoming a emojioholic
by zman4593 May 11, 2016
An even lower level of Nationalism, Tribalism, and Localism. It is pride for one's gang or group.
"There is a lot of groupism in LA gangs."
by zman4593 June 3, 2016
Someone who is always a critic on how other people act and behave, no matter if the criticism is bad or good.
Person 1 - "All you do is breathe."
Person 2 - "Stop being a behavior-critic"
by zman4593 June 19, 2016
The kid side of every adult. Kidult - An adult that acts like a kid
"Everyone has their own kidultism in them"
by zman4593 May 25, 2016