Beedrill, known as the Poison Bee Pokémon, are fully-developed, hornet-like Pokémon that have hatched from their pupal Kakuna forms. Although they are hornet-like, they only have four legs. The first two are tipped with long stingers. It has veined wings, and another stinger on its abdomen in which it holds its most powerful poison. Beedrill are extremely territorial, and will be set off by anything that approaches a Beedrill nest. When angered, Beedrill attack in a furious swarm, and the sharp ends of their stingers and the poison stored in their abdomens will definitely be put to use.
ADAM HEPWORTH is Beedrill!!!!
by theguythatmadethis May 21, 2011
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The act of gluing living bees to the male's genitals. Then the male docks with the female and begins spinning violently whilst buzzing.
Honey do you wanna beedrill tonight?

Sorry, we ran out of bees last time
by beedrill December 18, 2013
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A very power bug type pokemon introduced in the original Red and Blue series. It resembles a bee but has two drills on its front pair of legs. Also, it, like many other pokemon, speak by saying it's name: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDRILL!!!!!

It can also be used to replace the word 'be' or many other words that begin with the letter 'b'.

Sorry man, that's my beedrill.
When are we going to beedrill there?
by D Ched January 14, 2008
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When you take a vibrater and stuff in in your partners ass and put your penis in her vag and buzz like a bee
I was beedrilling Emily last night
by jj resectamy November 3, 2015
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When a man or woman with a penis uses a cup filled with water as a condom, he/she then proceeds to penetrate their partner until they either cum or the water from the cup is gone.
Sally: So I heard you and Sam had sex. Tell me the deets

Ryan: It was good until he pulled a Water Beedril on me.
by Cacti don't have booty March 19, 2014
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