A man that thinks of nothing but sex.
Danny is a bedbug, he won't stop bugging Cheryl to sleep with him.
by OneBadAsp October 27, 2006
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An annoying person who gets under your skin..
I got into an argument with my boyfriend, he was was being a real douche bag, , he was so annoying, he has a way of getting under my skin...he was being a real bed bug...
by jaimdon March 17, 2018
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strange behavior in a person, anal retentive, a person trying to tell you how to do your job but has no clue on how to really do the job, a person that knows everything, complainer
That dude is a bed bug, complained about everything
by Ismoke420 February 02, 2014
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Someone who is addicted to their bed. Typically a person suffering from depression.
Look at mark, he is such a bed bug.
by JJJJJJJJJJJJJJ69 August 30, 2019
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Someone who gets in people's beds A LOT
Yo, He sure is a bedbug. I heard he was in 7 people's beds in 7 days in a row
by Pinky Buster September 10, 2017
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Someone that does not get the hint that it is time to leave your bed.
I awoke this morning to a blonde bed bug who's mascara had run onto my pillowcase. As I attempted to start my day, she pulled the covers up tight and asked for breakfast. It was time for her to leave.
by commanderfilms December 10, 2011
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A term for sexually transmitted diseases for candid discussion or to refer STD's humerously
If you're going to have sex with Herpe Helen who has 6 kids with 8 possible fathers, wear a (rubber) so the bed bugs don't bite
by Reverend Jake October 27, 2009
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