an illness that causes red rashes all over the body to show up that look like little red bumps. Usually comes along with
a fever a day or two before.
"Look man, i just got all these red bumps over me, it must be chicken pox."
by lil_kika May 9, 2006
A high density of sex offenders living in a given area or zone, sex offenders are denoted as a red box on the registered sex offenders website. Which resembles a case of the chicken pox.
Guy 1: "Bro your neighborhood has a case of the chicken pox"

Guy 2: "What do you mean, chicken pox?"

Guy 1: "I mean on the registered sex offenders website it looks like your neighborhood caught a case of the pox"

Guy 2: "God dammit Kearns"
by Julie Newman February 15, 2010
this is a female or male who literally spreads like the chicken pox in more ways than one.
that skank is like the chicken pox, everyone has had her once.
by plan b.a.m August 20, 2010
A term utilized as a code word in place of "diarrhea", "explosive diarrhea", and "the shits". When used in such context the term has no relation to the pesky rash that plagues pre-pubescent children.
William: Hey are you feeling alright, you don't look so well.
Lee: I think i am about to come down with the chicken pox from all that Boston Market we ate earlier.

by Booty Jeans April 13, 2009
similar to the new dehli dot; after anal sex, the guy pokes the girl's face several times, leaving multple shit dots on her face
me and the guys gave this nasty chick smelly chicken pox.
by cgh321684 December 9, 2006
When a filthy slut is so shit faced that after performing oral sex and allowing her partner to seminate all over her face she passes out before cleaning her self up, resulting in a face full of crusty white spots in the morning
kelly: what did you do last night christine?

Christine: not much really, stayed in, watched a film with my mum.

kelly: oh really? how do you explain the white chicken pox then you filthy whore

Christine: fine! i took a face full spunk last night!
by flangeface March 11, 2011
A less explicit version of "You couldn't catch herpes in a whorehouse!" It means that no matter how hard they try, no one will be able to catch anything.
While a pack of dogs chased a cat, the cat insulted them by saying, "You couldn't catch chicken pox in a henhouse!"
by GallopingSausage April 15, 2019