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The need to take a 'break' while conversing with a friend, via telephone or instant messaging device, for the sole purpose of pleasuring your genitals. Afterwards you then of course resume activity with said friend.
Joey, this conversation is very riveting, but my blue balls are killing me. I need a beat break, brb!
by LosrDogg August 17, 2009
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A term originally coined by Cody Smith aka xbox live gamertag: any1butu. It is a term commonly used on xbox live to announce the fact that you need to take break from the game to masturbate. It is normally used during a long session of elder scrolls:oblivion or any other RPG for that matter. Due to the nature of these games, they can induce high levels of stress that can only be relieved by one solitary act. The reason for this break is usually because said "girlfriend" is normally asleep at the hours of the night at which these kinds of actions take place. This can and does take place while in an xbox live party and is usually put into the term "I'll brb or I'm gonna get some food". After the deed is done, the original conversation resumes with said friend.
Cody Smith was up late one night playing oblivion on xbox live and his girlfriend was already sound asleep upstairs. He had been on a long journey of defeating the fighters guild that night and decided that he need to take a beat break in order to release his inner demons. He tells his buddy N worded that he is hungry and needs to get some food when in reality he is about to surf the internets for porn to masturbate to. After Cody ejaculated all over this keyboard, he resumes his conversation with n worded and makes note of his now pre-existing hunger issue.
by The Dentist aka The Train May 30, 2010
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