disgusting marijuana (by deffinition only), meant for the chaunciest of the chauncey weed smokers, canada's way of trying to screw the US for being so sweet while they are chaunces WE ONLY SMOKE CHRONIC BITCH
Wow, these beasters suck worse than chicks that you'd only let bob but then suck at it, by the way, isn't Lo-Har is a huge chaunce
by ATL August 05, 2005
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not dank, a lesser quality of nug. Usually smells of hay
hey you got any chronic


that shit aint dank thats just some beaster
by wes March 08, 2005
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The act of licking or eating out one's ass and or asshole. This act was invented by Todd Beaster.
1. I don't got your 20 dollars right now, but I can give you a beaster instead.

2. Did you hear about Bill? He gave Tammy a beaster, thats fucking sick dude.
by darkmeat April 17, 2005
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A type of cannabis, producing a high felt more in the body rather than the head. Beasters are often cultivated in the British Columbia area, which is where the term originated (BC -> Beasters). Typically referring to the C. indica strain, beasters are usually less preferred than the head high of C. sativa (see headies). Beasters are also notorious for being excessively overpriced.
Don't waste all that cash on beasters, just throw down a little extra for some headies. You won't regret it!
by Hannah the Phish June 02, 2006
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To set the record straight, a beaster is an individual who lives life with no limits. Specifically, it pertains to a person who on a daily basis, or at least on weekends, consumes three or more tall cans of malt liquor in an evening and smokes all the dank that is handed to them.
Don't bring Pat to the BBQ, that fool's a beaster.
Oh really, what's that?
He'll drink and smoke all your shit.
by Floydtibbs April 05, 2009
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An individual whose placid exterior hides a savage beast within. Such individuals tend to work in staid corporate atmospheres and terrorize fools with a mastery of white collar arcana. Approach beaster at your own peril.
Person 1: Dude just laid the smack down with that pretrial motion.
Person 2: Yeah. Beaster.
by Walter S. March 04, 2008
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