A party held on the Saturday before Easter. Usually involves drinking Beast (Milwaukee's Best) and a Beaster Egg hunt:

Hidden cans of beer that you must finish before moving on to the next, or bottles filled with mystery beers and shots that are numbered, so at the end you can find out what you drank.

This tradition originated in Berks County, Pa in 2003.
Happy Beaster" or "Did you hear she got knocked up at Beaster last month?
by The Originator of Beaster April 20, 2011
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An annual party the first saturday after Easter, paint "Beaster kegs" and "Beaster cans"
Hey, I can't wait until Beaster it's like me birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving all in one!!
by beasterbunny February 11, 2010
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On Pascha (Easter), your buddies come over with cans of beast (milwaukee best). You paint the cans, hide them, and have a beast hunt.
Guy 1: Hey, what are you doing for zombie Jesus day?
Guy 2: Having a Beaster hunt, of course!
by TronXXX March 20, 2008
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A decent type of marijuana that comes in large nuggets; usually is dark green with bright red hairs. Contains no seeds. Usually smells like hay or pine. Also refered to as KB (Kind/Killa Bud) in some areas.
You got your shitty middies, your beasters, and your dank headies bruh...now rip dat roor.
by killa kam dipset March 30, 2007
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(n.) An especially ugly girl or woman.

(adj.) Physically grotesque or unattractive. Ugly.
(n.) Damn. Who brought Sarah to the party? She is a straight beaster.

(adj.) That chick Dougie fucked last night had a good body, but her face was fuckin' beaster.
by fencecat42 November 23, 2010
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An extremely vicious and sexually aggressive female who rides penis with such dominate authority that the mans cock as well as his pride is damaged.
Guy 1 -Damn she looks good! Piping that down must've been amazing

Guy 2 -Not at all that meat beaster rode my dick so hard she smashed my balls into my asshole
by jrk89 December 14, 2013
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