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term used to communicate to one's comrades of intentions to pack a lip without letting on to females, parents, teachers, etc.
Hey does anybody feel like going to Beantown later?
by TAHockey February 25, 2008
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The regional term for hotboxing in Massachusetts, referring to Boston's nickname, Beantown.
Hey, dude, do you up for a Beantown Bake before work?
by Uncle Festus June 12, 2012
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A female from Boston, Massachusetts that is sexually active. She Rides the T and goes to classes or work by day, and then when the night hits, she at one of the nightclubs throwing that ass with her financial aid refund and or salary.
These Beantown hoes are baddies.
by Bawston69 February 9, 2020
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An episode of violent farting following the consumption of chili.
After eating that bowl of chili at the state fair, Dave's ass was doing the beantown boogie.
by Mephisto D May 13, 2015
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Pull out some organs from an enemy and tye them to the foul pole in left field at Fenway. Then boot his fucking ass off the green monster.
I don't like the guy to begin with so what better way to say welcome to Boston then with a Beantown bungee. Hey frankie, can we get a couple more boston lagers down here and would it kill ya to dim the lights? Nomar is on deck.
by Jonathan Marquise June 17, 2003
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Conceived in Boston, a Beantown Belly Bongo consists of a man using his penis as a drumstick to lightly and rhythmically drum the stomach of a woman as he comes onto it. Upon coming, the man will continue to drum his bongos noting the subtle splashing sound his bongos will now make, adding a whole new dimension to his symphony. The girl may never be told what is happening while she is being used as a Beantown Belly Bongo.
Tonight's gonna be a good night; Beers, Bitches, Beantown Belly Bongos.
by t7j939 April 30, 2010
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Another name for Boston, MA.

It helps people from Boston know that your not fucking from there.
Tourist: I love Beantown!

Bostonian: Get the hell out of my city you ducked tahd.
by AdamLetourns May 19, 2019
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