a total badass, great gamer, and super hawt
Man, that Nomar kicks ass.
by Juh-kie March 13, 2012
Nomar is an absolute chick magnet. He has bulging muscles and the hugest cock of all time. All the ladies want some of that dark chocolate that flows from his soul. Nomar is a sweet guy with a sweeter after taste. If you encounter a Nomar, sleep with him because you will regret not getting some of that Nomar treatment.
Who is the hottest guy in school?
I'd have to say Nomar!
by Lawrence Records April 23, 2021
A ass eater , someone that’s wakes up and eats a large bowl of ass . Nomar loves eating ass everyday . Nomar can sometimes be mistaken as a African named nomad
by Anotimis July 7, 2019
the greatest of all SS, the best of the best in his bussiness. The man stands 6.0 ft tall and weight 190 lbs of pure steel and sex appeal. Married to Mia Hamm makes him one of the luckier men on the face of the earth. Nomar a product of the GA Tech yellow jackets baseball program he ranks among the greatest players of my time. Well known for his fantastic plays he akes at SS he is also a team leader. He never gave up on BOston no matter how many times the Yankees would whoop their ass throughout a course of a season.
Nomar ranks jsut below god himself on my list, and will forever

A male that takes planets for a living, don't be fooled, he may look human but he's not.
I'd rather die than to meet a Nomar!
by BeerusAvila June 19, 2018
Shortstop who's glory days are over. Highly injury prone. Went from Sox to Cubs to ahhh does anyone care
Hey look, Its me nomar. Ohmmmgeee I broke a nail: guess im on the 15 day DL!
by no more nomar April 10, 2006
When a guy hits or fights a girl for no reason and gets a reaction from other people.
James: "Dude, did you see Alex hit that girl at that party?"
Dustin: "Yeah, Alex totally pulled a nomar."
by some_gook December 2, 2018