A city so freakin' sweet that its basically the capital of not just Massachusetts but Maine, NH, Vermont, Conn. , & Rhode Island. Those people don't bother getting their own sports teams, because they don't really need or want to. What's the capital of Vermont anyway? Boston thats what.

When the pats lose...we riot & burn flipped-over cars.

When the pats win...we riot & burn flipped-over cars.

Boston your my home.
by WinterLager January 10, 2009
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A city that really feels like a town full of business people during the day and college kids at night. We're loyal to our teams and will kick your ass or yell at you if you don't love them too. We'll do this either sober or drunken. Most times it's better drunken though. Basically it's really funny to us.
Ok and for another thing: Bostonian's don't say "fookin". That's just stupid. We say things like ya fucken retahded. Let's go to the paahki (a store with alcohol and cigarettes and stuff) instead. We also say things like Whasmattayou? Or what's the matter with you for an outsider. Also, respect that we say the bubblah for water foutain. My college roomate thought that was hillarious. And really, it's not so much funny, as it is just plain right.

Another thing: You only call it Beantown if you're not from there, and if you're getting a ride on a duck boat, don't quack at us. It's wicked anoying. Would you want to be quacked at every day? I don't think so. It's cold here due to the fact that Boston is a freaking wind tunnel so we're already pissed off. So, instead of quacking at us please just buy us one. It would really make the whole situation so much better. Thanks
by Kat935 January 06, 2006
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We don't prounce our R's. We call garbage cans barrels, liquor stores packies, a water fountain a bubbla, turn signals blinkas and milkshakes frappes. We root for a team that loses more than it wins and Ted Williams is the greatest hitter. To us, any place West of Route 128 is the boonies and the Cape is a little piece of Heaven down here on Earth. We yell, "YANKEES SUCK!" when the Red Sox are playing the Tigers. We are Bostonians and wicked proud of it!
Only tourists take the Duck Tours and only people who don't live here call it "Beantown."

Boston is the best place in the world.
by L House January 27, 2006
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a fairly large city of about 600,000, metro area something like 5-6 million, lots of history, very cultured place. one of the oldest cities in america. known for its colleges and distinct neighborhoods and has the biggest construction project in american history (the Big Dig). lots of irish, italians, blacks, vietnamese, cape verdeans, and many others. neighborhoods include east boston, charlestown, north end, downtown, south end, fenway, south boston, back bay, chinatown, dorchester, roxbury, mattapan, roslindale, jamaica plain, hyde park, west roxbury, allston, brighton, mission hill, chestnut hill. bordering cities cambridge, somerville, brookline, quincy are basically part of boston because they are so closely tied to the city itself. lots of shopping & culture downtown/back bay, tons of bars, lots of neat little neighborhoods/villages, and a decent subway system. gets ridiculous snow in the winter and 70s-low 90s in the summer, lots of annoying-ass construction, fire, racial tension in some areas. gets kind of overlooked at times. overall a pretty nice & unique place to live though.
i took the T from chinatown to harvard quare then walked over the charles river to back bay and took the green line to the prudential ctr

then i got drunk off my ass in southie.
by dud3r June 06, 2005
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the greatest city on earth, home to the dropkick murphys, berkley college of music, the union oyster house, an infinite amount of bars, and the red sox. nobody here calls it beantown, and we don't say "fookin". we pronounced fuckin more like "feckin". don't try to fake a boston accent in boston, i will instantly be detected and you will get cold stares until you leave. alot of people in boston do not actually have the accent, but we can all recognize it. if you're not irish, it's ok, just make up something about a great-aunt from county shannon and someone'll buy you a round. everyone here's a little bit irish, even the asians. the only time bostonians go on the duck tours is the patriots parades, and none of us ever, ever go on the swan boats. we make up words like you wouldn't believe. at any gathering of bostonians over five people, the "YANKEES SUCK" chant AND the "LET'S GO MURPHYS" chant are obligatory. it doesn't even matter what the occasion is.
"yeah johnny damon left us for new york; irregahdless, YANKEES SUCK. go boston."

"LET'S GO MURPHY'S! this show is wicked pissah, brah. where's my skullcap? get me anothers sams."
by Wicked Pissah March 18, 2006
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An accent mainly in New Hampshire, and eastern Massachusetts. Many people believe "er" is replaced with "ah", which in many cases is true, but more often than not "aw" is tossed around.

People faking the accent usually use the phrase, "Park the car in Harvard Yard", and think its the ultimate test of a Boston accent.

I have honestly never heard anyone from Boston say "Bahstin", thats how people from New York talk. People from Boston say "Bawstin". The "aw" also applies to Red Sox. We don't say "sahx", we say "sawx".
Car: Cah
Boston: Baw-stin

And for all you out of town people who want to hear this, Park the car in Harvard yard: Pahk the cah in Hah-vid yahd
by xjesus14 January 24, 2010
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The best damn city in the country(let alone the world). A place where jimmies are sprinkles, oreo-cookiedough ice cream is as much of a classic as vanilla, and ben&jerry's is a worthless chain just like McDonalds. The definition of american culture, without the fast food. Where college kids and lawyers fit together like peanut butter and jelly, and people tell the weather by looking at flashing buildings. Boston baked beans are eaten only by oldies in nursing homes, and beantown is as obsolete a word as "Thy". The Red Sox are life, Celtics went out of fashion years ago, and out of all NE towns, we're the biggest Patriot fans. Newbury Street is our 5th Ave, the Boston Common is only good for italian ice and roasted peanuts, and nobody goes to the Public Garden anymore. Cape Cod is a little slice of heaven that somebody plunked on the edge of the state, but is only accessible during the summer. Nobody calls it Cape Cod though, if you're going there it's always "Ahm goin' down to the Cape". Not everyone has a Boston accent, but most people don't pronounce their R's when yelling. Trying to fake one won't get you to fit in. Even those of us without an accent can recognize fake ones. BOSTON IS DA BOMB!!!
Nobody does any of the things they're supposed to do in Boston. If you ride the duck tours, you can be sure the driver is a tourist as well, who is only staying in the city for a few months
by tumtumtamar October 26, 2007
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