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Huge Tittays of awesome chicks.
Me: Hey baby, you got huge bazookas

Chick: *slap*
by Techno December 13, 2004
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An upgrade of a beer shotgun. A bazooka simply adds a pill to the equation. Chuck a goog in your mouth then shotgun the fucker as fast as you can.
The lads wanted to step it up a notch so they did a few bazookas.
by Cheezle October 20, 2014
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Another term referring to a woman's breasts, particularly large breasts.
SOMEONE : "Hey if we go back to war we should bring bazookas next time."
ME : "*staring at some hot, big-breasted babes* Only if I could bring THOSE bazookas with me. ^-^ "
by Dave July 05, 2004
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A brand of bubble gum that comes with a small cartoon inside the wrapper featuring the wacky antics of Bazooka Joe and his gang, along with a fortune.
I like to chew Bazooka gum not for its taste but for the fun comic that comes along with it.
by JVK May 27, 2005
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(n.)a slang term for breasts.
Ex.1- Hey look over there, check those bazookas out.

Ex.2- God, i would love to try those bazookas out.
by Dan Kim February 10, 2005
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A weapon resembling a musical instrument of the same name. The original Bazooka, used as an anti-tank weapon by the U.S. Army from WWII, fired shaped charges 2.36 inches in diameter. Later it was supplanted by the Super Bazooka when it was proved to be useless against Soviet T-34 tanks.
"Holy crap, that bazooka hardly dented that there T-34! Back to the drawing board it is, then!"~military engineer
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A bazooka is similar to grenade, but refers to an older woman(30-50). It means the girl is fat, unattractive, a big mess or a combo of all. Since a bazooka is an antiquated explosive device, it would be used to reference an older woman. Becareful of the bazookas, because now you have to worry about their D4s, heating pads, aches/pains, depends and callin a cab to the nursing home.
Cyrena is a total bazooka!
Why's that?
She's old and ugly.
by The Almighty P.Gotti February 28, 2011
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