A bazooka is similar to grenade, but refers to an older woman(30-50). It means the girl is fat, unattractive, a big mess or a combo of all. Since a bazooka is an antiquated explosive device, it would be used to reference an older woman. Becareful of the bazookas, because now you have to worry about their D4s, heating pads, aches/pains, depends and callin a cab to the nursing home.
Cyrena is a total bazooka!
Why's that?
She's old and ugly.
by The Almighty P.Gotti February 28, 2011
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Bazookas are round, large breasts. Often on older women, or men (moobs).
Holy bazookas, those babies are huge!

My mother-in-law has 46DD bazookas. They are the size of giant cantalopes!
by bazookas September 15, 2010
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Weed and Crack rolled into a joint.
Yo, last night was so messed up after we smoked that bazooka. I woke up with your mom beside me, with her panties on my head, and her pubes stuck in my teeth.
by Jamie M September 29, 2005
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A bazooka is a type of Rocket Launcher (not a dick) developed by the germans before WW2. It is really cool! I know because I've seen one "in person".
Holy sh#t! That guy's got a bazooka and he's about to use it!!!
by Zvon March 23, 2005
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the back seat of a car. "bazooka" can be reserved by a passenger, similar to shotgun.
John called shotgun, but I didn't care because I like riding bazooka.
by James007 May 24, 2005
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An American made Rocket Launcher made famous in WWII It is primarily used as an anti-tank weapon. It was named after the instrument with the same name.
"We got armor closing in on our position, Get a bazooka up here now!"
by Toki Wartooth7 March 18, 2008
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1. A goofy musical instrument played by Bob Burns in Spike Jones' orchestra in the 1940s.

2. A small anti-tank rocket launcher from World War II, named after Bob Burns' instrument.
Bob Burns played Bazooka for John Scott Trotter and Spike Jones.

GI Joe blasted the Kraut tank with his bazooka.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 30, 2005
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