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A girl who is friendly, lovely, smart, enjoyable, and ever so pleasent to be around. Her taste in music is so awesome and she always thinks of the right things to say. Baylie hates her hometown and her high school. But anyone who knows Baylie is lucky to know her. Baylie's eyes are deep and beautiful and she has the capability of killing you with just a look, even though she usually won't. She also has hypnotist powers but will refuse to use them because of her humility. Hold on to her and never let her go...
When I talked to Baylie tonight, I couldn't stop smiling.
by Petey (JP) April 09, 2007
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Baylie is a sweet girl that says random things out of the blue and has the most fun times with her friends. She is very athletic. She doesn't like to let anyone use or share things because she fears of them braking. She loves soccer and music. She makes up the most random stuff ever. Awesome sweet girl alright.She is kind of a tomboy.
Guy 1 on soccer team 1: I so want Baylie on my team!
Guy 2 on soccer team 2: Shes coming to the....DARK SIDE WITH ME!!!
by colletti November 25, 2011
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noun. Someone of incredible excellence and is often referred to as God. She has amazing eyes and an amazing body that is always in shape so guys want her and girls are jealous of her. As well as meaning the best.
Baylie is the coolest person i know.
by Tanika Joe June 16, 2010
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really cool and good at most things like an alcaholic beverage but more yummy
person 1: hey i had some of baylie tonight
person 2: i had baylie with cream
both: baylies good
by sweetymeaty November 15, 2007
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