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Oversized, overpriced coffee cans ricer idiots use to impress 12 year old girls. Also used to compensate for lack of penis size.
My penis is small but my fart pipe is huge!
by Ricers are dweebs June 09, 2004
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"Ugh, I wish Reddit wasn't full of STEMlords the entire goddamn time."
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An oversized, noisy, performance-robbing (that's right, Ricer !) muffler found on otherwise stock import vehicles.

See Fart Can, shithead
I just put a Greddy exhaust and an AEM intake an my Geo is Flyin, dog!
by DoctorThrottle April 26, 2004
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A huge, annoying, fake exhaust pipe added to the back of piece of s*** cars (Accords, Civics, Eclipses, etc) to make it produce a loud noise as the car accelerates. This does nothing but make the driver seem like an ass, though he doesn't notice because he's blasting his 50 cent CD too loudly. Mostly used by teenagers who think their car is badass. It makes guys who have nice cars (Firebirds, Trans Ams, Camaros, etc) laugh because we have REAL exhaust which is on a REAL car.
Ching Yong: I got this awesome fart pipe on my Civic today.
Me: Well, I have an actual car with actual exhaust, which people don't laugh at as it's going down the street.
*Races off in Trans Am*
by Trans Am Guy March 14, 2007
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"Fart Pipe" is a term used to describe an excessively large exhaust on a car, causing it to have a "farty" sound. Fart Pipes are most commonly found on cheap, front-wheel drive imports (see honda civic or mitsubishi eclipse) that 16 year old kids who watch The "fast and furious" series like its some kind of religion. The fart pipe can be identified by one of many tests. 1) If the cross section of the muffler or muffler tip is GREATER than the contact patch on the car's tires, the exhaust is a fart pipe. 2)If the muffler is marger than the displacement of the motor, it is a fart pipe. 3) if the ricer takes off in his riced out car and the exhaust is louder than his stereo, it is declared a fart pipe. 4) and last but not least, if any piece of the exhaust system was purchased at Pep Boys, Autozone, or any other ricer oriented store, it is most likely a fart pipe.
Damn! Did you see john's new exhaust on his civic? Its got a 6 inch fart pipe on it! Sounds Mad Tyte, Yo!
by Phantom240 April 25, 2006
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A very large muffler usually from 4 - 8 inches in diameter and typically found on most import cars with 4 cylinder engines (eg.. Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Eclipse etc). Many import tuners will use these mufflers in place of the single factory dick pipe exhaust. Commonly named "Fart Pipe" because it makes the 4 cylinder exhaust sound like a very loud farting noise when the engine speeds up. Also see, Coffee Can exhaust, Fart Can.
As I pulled up to the traffic light, a ricer with a Civic pulled up next to me and started revving his engine. His fart pipe exhaust was so loud, it vibrated my car. He obviously thought he was bad ass and was going to race me in my Mustang.
by Bruce GumChewz January 25, 2011
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Exsessivly big, loud mufflers found on rice rockets that sound like a farts.
Damn, his fart pipe is louder than a room full of drunken sailors!
by Flip April 30, 2002
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