Super crazy, which deserves yet another 'a'.
by Jenn March 9, 2003
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1. To suck a male's penis intensively.
2. To lick a female's clitoris.
3. To have anal sex by means of electrical probes, which are shaped like dildos.
1. "I performed craazy on him."
2. "We performed craazy on her."
3. "I went craazy on her ass."
by mr.walsh May 17, 2003
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Made famous by Tracy Morgan in a sketch on SNL called 'Brian Fellow's Safari Planet'. He plays Brian Fellow, a tv host with a sixth grade education and apparently a stock of shiny lip gloss.
Did you see that goat? He had devil eyes. That's CraAzy!!


Did you see that fuzzy bug? He was CraAzy! If I had a bug like that, I'd make a coat out of him!
by catercow November 23, 2004
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