A person with the last name Batt.......
many of they're ancestors are either from

France or
My last name is Batt, I am of English heiritage....

(hehe, ya it is)
by adorkable March 20, 2007
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definition 1: an italian-american who acts like a tough guy, shows off anything possible, & everybody knows who he is
definition 2: a native italian who speaks with an accent & broken english & who swears they know everything & is never wrong
see also bitts & batts-head-chick
"hey johnny, look at vito driving his iroc-z, wearing his reebook jumpsuit & kangol, what a friggen batts-head. He thinks he owns the whole neighborhood!!"
Example in Movies: Joe Pesci in "Goodfellas" ( he wacked Billy Batts, a made man)
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1.One who plays hockey and has the "Batts Factor"
2.One who often denines other teamates chew
3.One who has taken a slapshot from the blue line and killed anybody
He took a clapper from the blue line and killed an old lady! OMG that guy is a Batts
by Hockeypla1237467928 November 30, 2008
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But Are There Tacos
You might think your job is great, but are there tacos? (BATT)
You have it made with your new girlfriend, but are there tacos? (BATT)
by DrSmartyPants September 09, 2020
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