Another word for (joint, spliff, marijuana cigerette, "Shteek")
Derived from the Italian card suit "Bastone" meaning bat or club. Started in Lasalle, Montreal Canada
"lets smoke a nice batt"

"this guy smokes batts"
by V. Batts March 22, 2012
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to prance around frivolously with no regard to space or time
did you see that kid BATTING around at the party, the DJs were dying of laughter!
by Kalman Major November 02, 2009
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A guy like no other. Batts as real as they come, theres no guessing or wondering who he is or what he thinks. Not for the weak or sensitive nor for the easily butthurt or offended folks. Batt is the kind of guy who's friendships last a lifetime. He is charming and charismatic in his own unique way. His style is whatever he puts on (cuz he can literally pull off anything) Batt is like nobody you have ever or will ever meet. Hes a genuinely great person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need, of course he might tell you that you're a cunt for making him give you his shirt but none the less if you truly know batt you won't be bothered by it. Batt has a magnificent cock and knows how to use it.. therefore hes definitely a ladies man. Batt is everything amazing and wonderful to those who know him best. Batt is batt and he is my person (whether he wanted to be or not)
Batt is a cunt that is you'll never want to lose
by Crabbcrawl88 January 09, 2021
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One who has an obsession with a big monster penis.
Masturbates more than others.
Looking somewhat like a pornstar. Dark Hair.
Does whatever it takes to get more cock.
Goodlooking; main reason for recieving cock.
Sexual; constantly wanting to fuck.
Makes good sex noises.
Often horny; perfers swallow to spit.
Do you see that petite girl with the dark hair? She is such a batte!!!!
by Joseph Benhakgi November 20, 2006
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A Batt is a Welsh person, Batt is the way it is pronounced, but the word is supposed to be 'bud'. Alright bud, in a welsh accent is 'Aight Batt'. Irish are Paddys, Scottish are Jocks and Welsh are Batts.
Aight Batt, cool as fuck like, comin for a few pints of Brains like.
by dog March 08, 2004
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batteries or battery life in an electronic device such as an ipod or a cell phone
Hey man this sucks my ipod is low on batts
by .Hugh Jass. June 23, 2007
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