The next game in the Battlefield Series. Battlefield 2 focuses on modern warfare with the United States against the Middle-East Coalition and China. It has a totally new engine (so they say) and has many new capabilities than the previous Battlefield games. One of the main features in Battlefield 2 is the commander/squad features. This will hopefully promote teamwork. In previous Battlefield games, everyone did their own thing except clans.

It is being made by DiCE Sweden; the makers of Battlefield 1942 so hopefully it will not be a fuck up like Battlefield Vietnam. Like the previous Battlefield games, BF2 will have mods which will cover pretty much everyones tastes (WW2 mods, Realism mods, futuristic mods, gang mods, fun mods)
"I can't wait for BF2 to come out. Let's just hope EA and DiCE learned from their mistakes in BFV!"
by porn! April 9, 2005
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Battlefield 2, like the name implies, is distinctively broken up into 2 different definitions that usually coherently apply.

1. Battlefield 2 is a combat flight sim that provides the user with the most realistic environments ever conceived. Unlike Flight Sim X, there are actually destructible environments, vehicles, and civilians on the ground.

2. Battlefield 2 is one of the most realistic terrorist training simulations publicly available. Users can select the Special Ops class, which happens to be a pseudonym for "suicide bomber", and can attach volatile explosives to the front of their vehicles to be used for leeway into the mansion of 40 virgins. These are most prominently dune buggies, terrain jeeps, transport choppers, but are certainly not limited to ATVs and jet skis in Special Forces.
Battlefield 2 Definition #1
Two buddies in vent on Gulf of Oman:

1. elvandar01: "Spawn at olive hill?"
2. Stealth Pyros: "Sounds good."

-5 seconds later of waiting on spawn-

3. elvandar01: "Alright let's do diss!!"
4. Stealth Pyros: "Jeeps up get i-."
Jet Whore Su-34 elvandar01
Jet Whore Su-34 Stealth Pyros

Battlefield 2 Definition #2
Two buddies in vent on Gulf of Oman:

1. elvandar01: "lmao dude this is gonna be hilarious, spawn at construction site we'll get the buggy"

-6 seconds later-

2. elvandar01: "alright let's load it up, get in"

elvandar01 C4 Armor Whore
elvandar01 is no more.
elvandar01 Teamkills Stealth Pyros

3. Armor Whore: "admin can u ban elvadnar pls 4 ramming"
by elvandar01 April 27, 2009
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The newest edition of the completely awesome Battlefield Series. It is fun, HOWEVER, since the previous def. was written before release...certain events have happened that YOU the reader should know about.

Since the release, the BF community has been filled up with complete idiots. Now, I'm not saying everyone is, all you homies from 1942 rock! But the fags from Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament decided to give BF2 a go and are really bringing the BF community down.

The ranking system that everyone creamed their pants over when they heard about it is retarded. It was supposed to increase teamwork. Yeah..right! Since all the geeks get an erection over badges, they go do rambo shit and ruin any chances of teamwork.

AND NOW, The folk$$$$$ over at EA are releasing booster packs, or I should say boo$$$$ter packs. Why in the holy shit would yo get this nonsense? Haven't you ever heard of MODS. Forgotten Hope 2, Point of Existence 2, Desert Conflict anyone? And don't give me, "EA's stuff is made by pro's and is more polised.." BULLSHIT, they had to recall a fucking patch..and most vehicles and weapons don't feel right at all compared to mods..yeah they sure are pros. And anyone with an Elementary School education can realize that Forgotten Hope for BF1942 was MUCH MORE polished, and ALOT MORE fun that vanilla BF1942.

The 1.2 patch does sound somewhat promising, but we all know that patches in the Battlefield series are either godsends, or the spawn of satan.

Well, there ya have it. Your healthy dose of the happenings in the Battlefield 2 community as of 1/11/06. Happy gaming!
EA Fanboy: "ZoMG buustr P4kz 4 Battlefield 2, dey gonna zpwns!!!"

Smart Mod user: "Yeah..right. I'll take Forgotten Hope 2 which contains 3GB of content for free."
by ForsakeEA January 12, 2006
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A game that no matter how many times ea releases patches for it, it's still fucked up.
I have a nvidia geforce 6800XT and STILL get choppy graphics and lag Thats battlefield 2's patches for yah!
by imjustapoorboynobodylovesme December 1, 2006
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A online PS2 game that connects North America with Europe. This cuases North Americans to not creat servers (games) to play. A problem this causes is when the Europeans go to sleep North americans cannot play. This game also has a ranking system updates every 2-5 hours. This game also has points and PPH which i think is Points per hour but It is hard to raise and easy to lower.
Omfg i cant creat a Battlefield 2 server!
by MapleStory guy October 30, 2006
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A game that would be so much better if the folks at EA didn't rush the game out the door and it wasn't filled with bugs and enormous patches that seem to break more than it fixes. Don't get me wrong, the game itself is wonderful, the graphics are good and the gameplay is pretty damn addicting but the whole package itself is pretty sloppy.

Some stuff that needs to be improved that could seriously give the game a much more improved experience:
1. Widescreen support - that's right a game this popular doesn't even have fucking widescreen support even though every 3 out of 5 PC gamers have widescreen monitors.

2. Fix the horrible UI. The server browser is clunky, the filters suck, the load times are incredibly long, the pings are always never correct. Also to make any graphical changes you need to sit through the even longer loading screens when logging into a server.

3. Stats and ranking are always screwed up one way or another.

4. The patches are absolutely monstrous so install and setup times take about 3 times longer than it really should.

5. I can't stress this enough, fix the horrible UI.

6. The expansions are way too pricey for what it adds to the game(minus Special forces which nobody plays anymore).

7. Game is severely unoptimized(not a big deal now since almost any computer 2 years old can handle it on max.) so people with semi old computers will still have quite a bit of frame rate problems. Also the shadows are horribly pixelated and it looks plain old gross.

8. Population seems to be declining rapidly due to lack of support from Dice and EA.

In other words, hand the game over to a company who wants quality over quantity.
I would be hardcore into Battlefield 2 but installing the game is such a hassle, and the bugs and messy presentation really detract from otherwise an awesome fucking game.
by Battlefield 2 November 6, 2007
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In the beginning there was Battlefield 1942, which was an innovation in game design and gameplay, then there was Vietnam, which didn't change much but had variation between teams, in terms of firepower and vehicles. Sadly, then there was Battlefield 2 which is, a game that defies logic. Set at least 30 to 40 years after the last game, Vietnam, most infantry-based weapons have somehow devolved to do less damage, have higher recoil, and worse yet, have about as much accuracy as drunk man pissing off a skyscraper, with the intention of urinating on the moon. Almost as bad, is the fact that the weapons for the different armies all do the exact same thing, ie; same accuracy, rate-of-fire, amount of damage so that you feel more like and your foe are fighting with same weapon, except with a different skin, with only a few exceptions (sniper rifle and autoshotgun for the Middle East army). Similarly, the armies themselves (Islam fundamentalists, American Warmongeres and the Human Rights denier, the Chinese)are damn-near identical in appearance, and visual distinction between the three is usually dependent on placing the cross hair on every person on screen to see what colour their Profile-name is. Aircraft are somewhat harder to control, what with helicopter controls being inverted to the last game, there are no more ammo dumps and health depos, making players depend on support members instead of being self-suficient. This forces people to play as either the medic or support, which is the shits because their weapons are inaccurate and do little damage... just like the rest in the game. There is a noticeable lack of bots in multiplayer, which is a huge handicap in lan games where you could spend half an hour running around gigantic maps and never see anyone. Fans of the older BF games tend to avoid this and it's even worse follow-up: Battlefield 2142.
Random ea fanboy: "Want to play Battlefield 2?"
by N00bKannon May 20, 2008
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