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Sh-teek noun, verb, shteek-ing, shteek-er, shteek-ed
1. Joint ( spliff, batt, marijuana cigerette)
2. Marijuana ( weed, ganja, pot)
Derived from the slang term "Stick" which then became "Shteek". In the summer of '04 in LASALLE, Montreal, Canada
Certain misinturpretations:
- Does NOT mean "weed" in Italian
- Definetely did NOT start in "Ville emard"
"Shteeeeeeeeeeek!!??" (as in "do you want to smoke/roll or do you have a shteek/s?"

"Shteeked out" (someone who is really wacked out on shteeks)

"Shteeking it out" (someone who is smoking shteeks)

"Shteekeach" (A solo Shteek/joint)

-Patent pending...
by V. Batts March 22, 2012
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Another word for weed or joint. Started by Italians in Montreal, Canada. From a town called "Ville Emard".
You wanna smoke a shteek bro?

you wanna shteek?

Bro, you got any shteek?

You can just say the word like a question too.. to ask if someone wants to "shteek" (smoke)
by O.G Ville Emard Shteeker September 09, 2011
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its means weed in italian
you say to you friend in english, wanna smoke some shteek or i got shteek.
by lasalle bro August 03, 2009
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